Microarray Service

Microarray Services

Two decades of expertise in custom array designing enables us to cater a high-throughput genotyping and expression analysis for any application, any organism, and any array format. As Agilent Technologies Certified Service provider for Gene expression, we ensure that every customer receives results with superior sensitivity, quality and reliability of Agilent microarray platform at Genotypic. We conform to workflows and analysis protocol standards prescribed by Agilent. We design arrays specific to your needs using optimized Bioinformatics methods and Agilents’ eArray tool.

If you need custom microarray for any organism, any sequence, any application, please write to us at genomics@genotypic.co.in. Microarrays are printed using Agilent’s SurePrint in-situ technology and contain highly sensitive probes. View the updated list of Genotypic Microarray Design catalog for all organisms with their applications like gene expression, DNA Capture, ChIP on chip, aCGH, Methylation etc.

Microarray Data analysis


We offer Microarray Data Analysis services for data generated from multiple platforms. In addition to Agilent, we provide analysis services for other commercial microarray platforms like Affymetrix, Illumina, and Nimblegen.

We provide a complete solution from basic analysis to advanced analysis which includes array quality control, statistics, clustering techniques, functional and pathway-based analysis to give researchers a deeper interpretation of their study. Our teams ensure to conduct an extensive QC to provide publication quality reports, raw data and images.

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