Publication Grants


  • NIH grant on transcriptional analysis of the guinea pig model of tuberculosis
  • DBT grant on biomarker discovery and validation of blood immune response following HIV -TB co-infection

Completed Projects

  • Development of chickpea gene expression microarray
  • Completed Next Generation Sequencing and de novo transcriptome analysis of Costus pictus D. Don, a non-model plant with potent anti-diabetic
  • Completed de novo Transcriptome Assembly (NGS) of Curcuma longa L. Rhizome Reveals Novel Transcripts Related to Anticancer and Antimalarial
  • Cancer profiling for clinical intervention and biomarker discovery
  • Genomics approach to identify diseases related to chromosomal aberrations in humans
  • Development of gene panel for mitochondrial genome
  • Development of SNP markers in plants

Our Collaborators

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