Nanopore Sequencing

Genotypic Sequencing Services

Nanopore gridion India



Run upto 5 Flongle or MinION flow cells individually or together

High Throughput

Generate as much as 250 GB data in 72 hours


Simultaneous data streaming for immediate interpretation


Allows users to offer nanopore sequencing as a service

Ultra Long Read

Generate from small to ultra-long reads

Integrated Compute System

Sequencing and analysis in one system


Launching High Throughput Sequencing Services Using Nanopore PromethION

The Promethion provides live high accuracy base-calling at low cost and low TAT, alignment and methylome calls can also be done while sequencing. This opens up new possibilities for Nanopore minion users as well as for short read users. Genotypic will be presenting the work flows for CfDNA, WGS metagenome and large genome sequencing projects – in Human genetics to Agriculture and Biopharma.


Run upto 48 flow cells together or individually

High Throughput

Yields up to 11 Tb in 48 hours for the whole device.


Integrated compute for real-time base calling and onward analysis.

Large-Scale Sequencing

Generate robust data for large projects

High accuracy base calling Q30+ duplex reads

High accuracy and ultra long reads ensure you get the best quality genomes for all your biological experiments! You can now have the Power of calling SNVs, CNVs Indels, Structural Variations & Methylation – all from the same data!


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