Commandline free NGS data analysis with Commander an indigenous software by Genotypic Technology, Bangalore


Take Control of your analysis with Commander


Scientific advancements in sequencing generates large volumes of data that poses challenges and delays in analysing them to churn out meaningful information. From our interaction with scientists and researchers over the last two decades, we exactly understand the requirement of deeper sequence analysis by biologists.



COMMANDER is a novel GUI based analysis interface that has been built with the aim to close the gap (Command line scripting) between biologist and NGS analysis. It can bypass command line scripting, enabling NGS Data Analysis at a click of a button. This easy-to-use software can create professional reports for sequence quality, quantity, coverage, mutations and variants. This is ideal for small labs that focuses on NGS


To support the ongoing COVID-19 research, new commander also has tools to analyse COVID-19 sequence data. Commander will ease your burden and make it faster to draw insights from NGS data!

Suitable NGS platforms


Oxford Nanopore Technology




Thermo Fisher Scientific




Guided workflow

Base calling to trimming in one click

QC of NGS raw data

Conversion of FASTQ to FASTA


Custom analysis and reports

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