Single Cell Genomics at Genotypic Technology

Single cell RNA sequencing has unparalleled potential to reveal gene expression at single cell resolution, thereby facilitating teasing of cellular heterogeneities, which get averaged out in bulk RNA sequencing. This approach has the potential of revolutionizing research where complex biological systems are involved operating through multiple cell types, behavior, and functions. From detecting rare cell types to delineating the transcriptome specific to such populations and understanding regulation of transcription at single-cell level are some of the breakthroughs that can advance our understanding of complex biological systems in health and disease.


We at Genotypic offer end-to-end single cell genomics services through our collaboration with 10X, right from facilitating study design and project consultation, selecting the appropriate kit and method, tissue lysis, cell collection, fixation & storage and transport to single cell isolation, library preparation, sequencing (with options of short or long reads appropriate to the research question) & bioinformatic analysis. Our expertise caters to your customised needs and requirements of your research, providing extensive and extended support throughout the project to analyse data that can answer your specific research questions.

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using 10X Fixed RNA Profiling reagents only, will be shipped by Genotypic