Oxford Nanopore Technologies - MinION™ DNA/RNA Sequencing Device

MinION™ ― your personal, portable DNA and RNA sequencer.

MinION™ provides the power of nanopore sequencing in an accessible, fully portable device. Weighing only 100 g and running off a laptop, MinION™ generates tens of gigabases of real-time data in the field or lab.


The high yields of nanopore sequencing data are suitable for a range of applications, including metagenomic species identification, antibiotic resistance profiling, microbial genome assembly, plasmid sequencing, targeted sequencing, low-coverage sequencing of large genomes, and isoform-level transcriptomics.

Key Features


Sequence anything, anywhere


Simultaneous data streaming for immediate interpretation

Ultra Long Read

Generate from small to ultra-long read

Low Capital Cost

Starts at $1000

Simple Work Flow

Rapid library preparation protocol available

Choose a MinION™ to suit your specific application:


Why Choose Genotypic?

Our expertise and experience in bringing forth new technologies and breaking new frontiers on methodologies drives our training efforts. Our unmatched experience in Nanopore sequencing and our team of experts enables us to provide you the best possible training.

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