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The SomaScan Assay from SomaLogic is a proteomic technology for high throughput, simultaneous measurement of high and low-abundant proteins. The SomaScan Platform is a highly multiplexed, sensitive, quantitative, and reproducible proteomic tool for discovering previously unidentified biomarkers for drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical drug development, and clinical diagnostics, across a wide range of important diseases and conditions.

The SomaScan Platform is enabled by the generation of protein-capture reagents called SOMAmer® (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer) reagents. The platform measures native proteins in complex matrices by transforming available binding sites on individual proteins into a corresponding SOMAmer reagent concentration, which is then quantified by hybridization to microarrays. The assay takes advantage of SOMAmer reagents’ dual nature as both protein affinity-binding reagents with defined three-dimensional structures and unique nucleotide sequences recognizable by specific DNA hybridization probes.

The SomaScan Platform is being applied to a wide range of diseases and conditions to deliver insights that enable biomarker discovery, diagnostics development, pharmaceutical discovery and development, and health management.

Key features of SomaScan Assay:

SomaScan Custom Panels for Targeted Proteomics Insights

A wide range of protein analytes are available for research needs with curated disease-specific panels or customized panels that can be created from the SomaScan 11K Assay menu for various applications in translational sciences listed below:

Choose Disease-Specific Panels:

SomaSignal Tests

SomaSignal Tests provide multiple clinical assessments from a single blood draw based on protein signature models, negating the need for a wide range of laboratory tests. Because each SomaSignal Test is generated using a subset of the 7,000 proteins measured by the SomaScan™ Assay, results for all of the SomaSignal Tests can be derived from a single 55 μl blood sample.



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