Quantitative PCR

Quantitative PCR or real-time PCR (SYBR or TaqMan based) are used for a wide range of applications that require accurate quantification of target RNA or DNA. qPCR provides superior sensitivity, dynamic range, and precision, while eliminating the need for post-PCR sample processing.

Integrity and purity of isolated nucleic acids are checked using Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer and Agilent Tape station and quantified using Nanodrop and Qubit fluorometer.

Key Features

Support for experimental design

Preparation of high-quality DNA/RNA samples

Design of customized primers/Probe based on TaqMan or SYBR chemistry.

High performance assays designed and executed by experienced team of professionals

qPCR platforms at Genotypic

  • Stratagene Mx3000P qPCR machine
  • Roche Light Cycler 480 qPCR machine


  • Gene expression profiling analysis to study epigenetic gene regulation and to quantify and analyse modulations in gene expression.
  • Empirical Validation of NGS and Microarray data
  • miRNA Expression Profiling Analysis to detect changes in disease or in response to drug therapies.
  • Absolute quantification to determine precise Copy Number of a target nucleic acid molecule within a sample.
  • Pathogen Detection
  • Viral Quantification
  • Genetic variation analysis by genotyping and detection of mutations.

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