Biospectrum, 29th November 2012 Genotypic, NIPGR launch chickpea microarray

Pharmabiz, 6th March- Life Technologies introduces Ion Proton Sequencer in India, 6th March 2012- Life Technologies introduces the Ion Proton TM Sequencer In India for $1,000.

Express pahrma, 16-31st march- Life Technologies launches next generation sequencer in India

Business and health, 9th March- Life Technologies Launches Ion Proton Genome Sequencer in India

Biospectrum, 8th March -Life Technologies launches Ion Proton Sequencer in India

Next Generation Genomics: World Map of High-throughput Sequencers

Genotypic Technology Featured as ‘Member of the Fortnight’ by Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE), Genotypic certified by Ion Torrent

For press release, 4th may 2012, Genotypic Technology: Launching Marker assisted breeding & purity testing services and SNP discovery using NGS