Oxford Nanopore Technologies - PromethION™ 2 Sequencing Device

Choose PromethION 2 devices for flexible, high-yield sequencing, in a compact, accessible design. Utilising flow cells that generate hundreds of gigabases, enable PromethION-scale benefits in small to medium sized labs — including cores and commercial service providers. Suitable for users with lower sample processing requirements, up to ~200 flow cells per year.

PromethION™ 2 Integrated: A self-contained benchtop nanopore sequencer containing a powerful GPU and running two high-output PromethION Flow Cells.

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PromethION™ 2 Solo: A compact sequencer for two PromethION Flow Cells, utilising resource within the GridION or other suitable compute, including laptops, to quickly enable accurate, high-output nanopore sequencing.

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Our expertise and experience in bringing forth new technologies and breaking new frontiers on methodologies drives our training efforts. Our unmatched experience in Nanopore sequencing and our team of experts enables us to provide you the best possible training.

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