GT GPU Compute System

Genotypic presents its Graphic Processing Unit Compute System Product Range that not only helps you perform
Data Analysis at lightening speed, but also makes it more reliable with its enhanced accuracy


  • Live Base Calling for Mk1B users for faster library to data generation
  • High Accuracy base calling for SNP detection Methylation
  • Faster Alignment and Assembly
  • Pre-installed with NGS Analysis tools
  • NGS Analysis training and support

GT GPU Laptop

  • 15X faster
  • 16S Metagenome Analysis
  • Reference based Genome Assembly (upto 30Mb)
  • Whole Genome Sequencing

GT GPU Workstation

  • 25X faster
  • Gene prediction upto 700Mb genome size
  • Whole Genome Metagenome with non redundant database
  • Variant calling any viral and bacterial


  • 45X faster
  • Reference genome assembly
  • De novo genome assembly for all bacteria
  • Variant Calling for any organism

GT GPU + Commander: The perfect combination built for high speed NGS Analysis