Our Subsidiaries

QTLomics Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is India’s first agri-genomics company started in 2014. Being an associate of Genotypic Technology Pvt. Ltd., it inherits its capability in adapting multiple genomic technologies and apply them to answer challenging questions posed by researchers in plant sciences.

Qtlomics is branded as a cutting edge agro genomics company with technology capabilities involving wet lab, food testing, crop variety improvement, soil testing and bioinformatics. We employ innovative technologies to identify and develop trait specific markers that accelerate breeding programs. We collaborate with agri universities, institutes and seed industries for long-term R&D support in developing products and/or providing customized solutions to plant scientists.

QTLex by QTLomics is a unique buyer and seller app for life science products and instruments, medical instruments and diagnostics, PPE kits, agriculture research and agricultural supplies, molecular biology reagents, kits, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and food testing Services, CRO services, and logistics.

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Dhiti Omics Technologies, an associate company of Genotypic, provides molecular diagnostic services, leveraging some of the most experienced researchers and experts in the field of genomics, healthcare, and technology. It offers specialized tests for disorders in metabolic, neuromuscular, neurological, nephrological, cardiac fields, as well as infectious diseases and oncology. The testing could entail single gene tests, analysis using real-time PCR, Sanger, Microarrays or Next Generation Sequencing. Our tests are referred by KOL clinicians and have enabled clinicians to diagnose multi-genic complex disorders and initiate suitable therapy. Diagnosis by Dhiti Omics has also helped families with congenital diseases to avail the pre-natal testing option for future pregnancies.

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