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Oxford Nanopore Technologies - GridION™ Sequencing Device ​

GridION™ is a cost-effective and compact benchtop system offering on-demand sequencing with integrated real-time data processing. With the capacity to run five flow cells either concurrently or individually and a total yield of up to 150 Gb, GridION provides busy labs and service providers with cost-efficient access to the advantages of long-read, real-time nanopore sequencing. Integrated, high-performance data processing alleviates the need for complex IT infrastructure.

Key Features


Run upto 5 Flongle or MinION flow cells individually or together

High Throughput

Generate as much as 250 GB data in 72 hours


Simultaneous data streaming for immediate interpretation


Allows users to offer nanopore sequencing as a service

Ultra Long Read

Generate from small to ultra-long reads

Integrated Compute System

Sequencing and analysis in one system

Choose a GridION™ to suit your specific application:

The GridION is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

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Our expertise and experience in bringing forth new technologies and breaking new frontiers on methodologies drives our training efforts. Our unmatched experience in Nanopore sequencing and our team of experts enables us to provide you the best possible training.

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