Genotypic Workshop Series

Welcome to Genotypic’s Workshop Series!

As pioneers in genomics, we understand how dynamic the field is. Sequencing technologies are evolving at an astounding speed but we help you stay updated & get deeper insights with our application focused hands-on workshop & training sessions on NGS lab & Analysis, whether you are an expert or just starting in the field of Genomics. Look out for are workshops spanning:

  • Metagenomics
  • Microbiome screening & Pathogen detection
  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Biopharma constructs & clone characterisation
  • Virology-1; Vaccines
  • Virology-2; Monitoring and screening of outbreaks
  • Application focused NGS sequence analysis
  • Any customized application

Who Can attend

The workshops are intended for principal investigators, group leaders, students and faculties from Academia and Industries from India and abroad and who are looking to apply NGS in their research extensively.
We can also conduct customized workshops at your venue.

To know more email or talk to us at +91-9900035744.