Nanopore Sequencing

Nanopore sequencing technology enables high accuracy sequencing and analysis of DNA and RNA. Long reads provided by Nanopore technology are easier to assemble and provides additional insights for researchers.

Experience the power of ultra-long read sequencing at Genotypic. We offer end-to-end (project design, extraction, sequencing, analysis, publication) high-throughput certified Nanopore sequencing services on a broad spectrum of applications. As pioneers in Nanopore sequencing services, we have optimized protocols to deliver publication quality results.

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  • De novo genome assembly
  • Structural variation detection
  • Comparative genome analyses
  • Metagenomic profiling.
  • Multiplexed amplicon sequencing
  • Long read and short read hybrid assembly
  • Ultra-long read sequencing
  • 16s rRNA/ITS sequencing
  • Methylation analysis
  • Cell line characterization
  • HLA typing
  • Mitogenome sequencing
  • Full length transcriptome sequencing
  • Direct RNA sequencing
  • Identify splice variants and Isoforms
  • Fusion specific information
  • Sequence RNA viruses: SARS-CoV-2

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