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Bovine Genomics

Microarray & Sequencing solution for livestock & other animals can be provided on-demand

Are you looking to determine:

  • Genetic basis of phenotypic variation.
  • Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL), 
    In-del screening
  • Epigenetic changes
  • Genome- genome comparison
  • Gene Expression profiling
  • SNP screening / discovery
  • CNV Profiling

Genotypic's Ready-to order Microarray Designs for Bos taurus

Extended support for all Catalogue designs owned by Genotypic. For more information write to

Flexibility - Microarrays can be purchased from Agilent / Agilent distributor and processed at your favorite microarray facility.

Option: Send samples to Genotypic to process at Agilent Certified lab.


Sl. No.Array Design DescriptionNo. of Probes per Array
1Bovine aCGH Design Array (60-mer Probes) Genome Centric244,000
2Bovine aCGH Design Array (60-mer Probes) Gene Centric105,000
3Bovine InDel/QTL Screening Array (25-mer Probes) sensitive to small deletions and amplifications244,000
4Bovine QTL Screening CGH Array-Gene Centric (60-mer probes with 50% probes on mRNAs) Gene Centric244,000
5Tiling arrays for Methylation and Chip-on-Chip chromation studies244,000 & 180,000
6"Capture Arrays" for Deep sequencing of selected genes / exons, genomic locations244,000
7Microarray for Pre and Post Next Generation Sequencing applicationsCustom Design


Click download a PDF for Array design specifications.


Genotypic's microarray designs are compatible for use with Agilent microarray platform.


Genomics Solutions from Genotypic that will fit your requirements

  • DNA microarrays- Unique Array designs for all applications. Available ready to use catalog arrays and custom designs for genes / genomic regions of interest
  • Next Generation Sequencing, Array Capture, Data Analysis, Hybricd assembly services
  • Validate NGS data using Microarrays / qPCR
  • Purity marker testing and Genotyping services
  • Ready to use or custom gene panels using qPCR
  • Ready to use or custom disease panels using Next generation sequencing
  • Mitochondrial panels
  • SNP array services
    Other ideas? Please discuss with us


Please write to us at to discuss your requirement.

Genotypic Catalog Microarray
Genotypic provides ready to use Microarray for gene expression profiling, ChIP-on-chip, aCGH, Methyl...
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Ready to use Microarrays for sequenced and partially sequenced organisms
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