Biointerpreter / Testimonials
"Biointerpreter allowed me to see clear functional difference of 3 categories of ovarian tumors. I got a better view of the Biology behind the differential expression."
James Cherry, SAIC-Frederick, NCI at Frederick. Gene Expression Laboratory, MD, USA
"These are not ME TOO tools; these address the unmet need of biological interpretation of Microarray data."
Preveen Ramamoorthy, Medimmune vaccines Inc, CA USA.
"The software is very useful in microarray data interpretation and in predicting mechanism of action."
Dr. Abhijit Chatterjee, Zydus Research Centre, India
"Genotypic has developed an essential tool for analysis of microarray data. This tool helps even a beginner to achieve better interpretation of microarray data. I hope Genotypic will continue to develop such tools to assist the microarray-gene expression community."
Dr.Sanjeev Galande, National Centre for Cell Science, India
"I have been using your BioInterpreter tool a lot recently. It is absolutely fabulous! A real gold mine for microarray analysis!"
Claire Bonfils, Senior Research Scientist, Methylgene Inc, Canada
"Biointerpreter is very useful me in finding various transcriptional factors. It is an efficient tool to interpret gene expression data."
Dr. Neeru Dhamija, Dr Debasis mitra-NCCS, Pune
"We find the software useful for a crude analysis, that is, if we want to get an overview of what is happening in our system."
Ms Sakshi, Dr JayaTyagi-AIMS, Delhi
"We had a good experience using the facilities of Microarray at Genotypic. The use of the Biointerpreter software helped in understanding key signaling pathways and signaling hubs. We have used this data in our publication and we look forward to more productive work in the future."
Dr Pradeep Nair, Biocon, Bangalore
"Great experience going along with Genotypic on the development of innovative therapeutic approaches for autoimmune disorders. Looking forward to further inputs in this scientific race."
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