Genotypic Catalog Microarray
Genotypic provides ready to use Microarray for gene expression profiling, ChIP-on-chip, aCGH, Methylation, SNP discovery, In-Dels and DNA Capture for  majority of eukaryotes, prokaryotes, fungi and all model organisms. Genotypic is first in the world to release Microarrays for Banana, Tobacco, Eucalyptus, Tea, Tomato, Guinea pig and Rabbit

Highlights of Catalog Microarrays of Genotypic:
  • Designed by team of experienced biologists and Agilent trained experts using eArray, proprietary in- house tools and database of validated probe sets. 
  • Designed to seamlessly integrate with Agilent Microarray protocols and proprietary protocols for non-standard Microarray applications.
Click here to view or download the updated list of Genotypic Microarray Design catalog for all organisms with their applications like gene expression, DNA Capture, ChIP on chip, aCGH, Methylation etc


Write to us at or call +91-80-40538200 to know more about Microarray design of your interest

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