Experience the next wave of sequencing with Ion Proton TM

Ion Proton
Experience the next wave of sequencing with Ion
Proton TM @ Genotypic
Asia's first to place order for Ion ProtonTM
Simple, fast and economical sequencing of Transcriptome, metagenome, small genome and exome on Ion protonTM at Genotypic,India's First and only Ion Torrent Certified Service Provider, as of November 2012.
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Email: or Call: +91 80 40538306 / 40538305.
SMS: 9900035744. USA phone: +1-(215) 2534495

Throughput upto 10Gb data using Ion Proton I Chip (up to 80 - 100 million reads per chip)

Ideal for Exome / Transcriptome sequencing with 165 million sensors

Ion ProtonTM technology

Genotypic offers:
  • Metagenomics simplified using Ion proton
  • Quickly validate and complement Exome / Transcriptome data from HI-Seq, SOLiD and other platforms using Ion Proton and streamlined data analysis workflows at Genotypic
  • Quickly analyse large number of clinical samples using Ion Proton at Genotypic
  • Exome sequencing
  • Targeted re-sequencing
  • Microbial sequencing
  • Mitochondrial sequencing
  • Amplicon sequencing
  • ChIP sequencing
  • RNA sequencing
  • Whole transcriptome
  • Metagenome sequencing
Niche area:
Agrigenomics, Cancer genomics, Bovine genomics, Clinical genomics, Epigenetics, Toxicogenomics, Metagenomics.

Genotypic also offers sequencing on cross platforms like:
Ion Torrent
Roche 454
Pac Bio

Ion Torrent Services at Genotypic

Good News:
Genotypic is proud to announce the highest data output reported in Asia Pacific region (APAC) from a single Ion Proton run till date (09 May 2013) - Used P1 v2 chip, data output 11.8 Gb, average read length 133 nucleotides
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