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NGS Conference 2014

Biospectrum India
India the best place to study drug-responses and drug-reactions in clinical trials said by Prof Samir K Brahmachari. Published on 12 September 2014.
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Gene sequencing is the future for India said by Prof Samir K Brahmachari. Published on 16 September 2014
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The New Indian Express
Genomics Ushering a Revolution in Healthcare. Published on 22 September 2014
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This conference will aid in planning the NGS projects well before performing the experiments to avoid erroneous data production
- D. Karthigeyan, JNCASR, Bangalore
Knowledge of RNA-seq will aid in cancer metastatic samples
- Dr S Vidyalakshmi,
PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
Applying NGS to healthcare was very useful as speakers have extensively covered NGS design utilization
- Vaigundan D, SDUAHER,Kolar
Understanding new trends as well as explore translational research and collaborative opportunities
- Biju Benjamin, Vipragen Bioscience, Mysore
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Inaugural Session
Prof Samir K Brahmachari
NGS for India: New genome Science

NGS Applications in Life Science Research
Dr Dasaradhi Palakodeti
Small RNA sequencing identifies stem cell and regeneration specific microRNA in Planaria

Dr Sanjeev Galande
A do-it yourself guide to NGS

Dr Ashish Das
Challenges and Ecstasy in Genomics with patient isolates
Dr Kaustuv Sanyal
Discovery of centromeres and neo-centeromeres using ChiP-seq in pathogenic yeast

NGS Applications in Agri-biotech and Plant Genetics
Dr S Uma
Genomics Applications in Fruit Science
Dr Mukesh Jain
Discovery of trait determining transcriptomic, genomics and epigenomic variations in crop plants via NGS

Dr Utpal Nath
Identification of novel genes that regulate plant development by Next Gen Sequencing
NGS Applications in Healthcare
Dr Raman Govindarajan
Role of genomics in pharmaceutical research
Dr Vikram Mathews
Applying genomics in cancer treatment: response and relapse mechanisms

Dr P Sundaresan
Recent findings from NGS studies in eye diseases
Dr Nitin Udar
Somatic cancer applications of NGS in in vitro diagnostics
NGS Analysis Pipeline Overview
Prof S Krishnaswamy
From structural biology and bioinformatics to genome informatics
Dr Ananthramanan Rajamani
Informatics for RNA-Seq Analysis
Sridhar Srinivasan
De-multiplexing and Quality control challenges and solutions
Hersh Parikh
Variant analysis and interpretation of NGS data

Dr Karthi Sivaraman
Informatics for Small RNA Analysis
NGS Technologies and Demonstration
Dr Debasis Dash
Workflows and Pipelines for NGS analysis: lessons from proteomics
Dr Anuj Gupta
Target enrichment approaches for NGS
Dr Chellapa Gopalakrishnan Manoharan K and Shilp Purohit
NGS Analysis Demo session: De novo assembly for Whole Genome and Transcriptome and Annotation

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