As a growing research and development organization, Genotypic is at the very epicenter of Genomics revolution in India and around the world. The cutting edge technologies that we work on coupled with the multi disciplinary areas of research and development puts Genotypic in the forefront of Genomics research. Our teams are spread across the Genomics Lab (Molecular biology, Microarray and Sequencing), Next Generation Sequence Analysis, Microarray Analysis, Microarray Probe Design as well as new technology development in wet-lab and bioinformatics. We collaborate extensively with leading researchers, scientific institutions and pharma-biotech companies from all over the world.

Genotypic is presently on a challenging growth path with many novel exciting projects on the anvil. We are looking at expanding our team to enable a mutually fulfilling relationship for the company as well as the individual. One of our biggest strengths has been the young and dynamic workforce. In fact, many of our staff members have grown with the Company in its journey during the last 14 years. The academic - style operations coupled with industry-style compensation packages is one of the major reasons why people like working with us. Our mentoring effort has given many a wing to aspiring scientists to carve a niche for themselves both in academia as well as industry. At Genotypic, each ‘day’ is exciting as we believe that continuous brainstorming, collective participation and small improvements make a big difference. We always have a place for new ideas, new technologies and new solutions.

Genotypic is also a women-friendly organization with nearly 52% female employees. This is complemented by a culture that fosters safety, family friendly collaboration, flexibility and work-life balance. Women are also represented in all top positions of the company.

Training & Development
form an important component of organisational development. Through well structured induction, technical and advanced training programmes, Genotypic strives to improve efficiency and productivity leading to manpower rationalisation.

GenoCares, our employee engagement initiative is aimed at creating 'Happy Genotypicians' through a combination of technical, awards & rewards, fun at work and CSR activities.These activities are built around our central theme of love, friendship and harmony.
  • Eat healthy, live longer- Genotypicians are treated to a tasty and balanced meal every day, thanks to the company sponsored subsidised lunch programme.
  • A healthy body & healthy mind- The Genotypic Sports Committee plans and organises sports activities like table tennis, chess and carom at the designated sports area. Indoor and Outdoor Sports Competitions are the most popular events of the year.
  • In addition to the Annual Day, which is celebrated in the month of April every year, we have a vibrant calendar of events comprising of Talents Day, Families Day, celebrating festivals/ days of national importance etc. unleashing creativity in Genotypicians.
  • Environmental Committee- The GGG- Go Green @ Genotypic initiative is spearheaded by a group of Genotypicians who are looking at the best ways of waste disposal-dry/wet/ biomedical & electronic that are generated in-house. This group also seeks to conduct awareness and eco-sensitisation drives.
  • Compassion begins at home! Volunteer Genotypicians have initiated functional English literacy classes for the house keeping and admin support staff. This special initiative will help our house keeping and admin support staff communicate better to people, help their children, avail social security benefits, documentations at bank/ post office etc
  • New initiative! Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative: Genotypic is happy to announce the CSR initiative in association with Sajjan Rao Vidya Samsthe Trust, V.V. Puram, Bangalore. A Diwali Sale showcasing works of art made by children / adolescents from Sajjan Rao School for Disabled is being organized at Genotypic on 30th October 2013. The event will present a variety of products -Diyas, Candles, Bags,Funky jewellery, Terracotta, Agarbathis etc. made by them. Request Genotypicians and Genotypic fans to come forward and extend a helping hand. Click here to view leaflet.
ProdiGene, Genotypic's Performance Appraisal System encompasses processes that effectively communicate company aligned goals, evaluate employee performance and reward them appropriately.In addition to an attractive remuneration package, employees are also provided with Provident Fund, Gratuity linked with Insurance, Medical Insurance, Performance Based Variable Pay and other benefits.

Employee Stock Option Programme (ESOP)
As part of wealth sharing and value generation, we have implemented the Employee Stock Option Programme.

Sanghatan is an initiative to enable a participatory process to jointly address challenges related to organisation development, team building and culture building. We also see it as an interactive forum of managers for cross pollination of ideas and skill sets.

Invited Talk Series
: Invited Talk Series aims at providing a platform for Genotypicians to gain an insight into cutting edge research and its applications through the work done by accomplished scientists. We also invite achievers in various fields to provide ‘gyan’ to the young and energetic team.

Genotypic’s informal & scientific environment provides an excellent opportunity to contribute to scientific advancement and research. We also provide a platform for young scientists to publish in peer reviewed journals and make paper/ poster presentations in conferences. We are open to hiring exceptional candidates. For technical positions, we require candidates with PhD/ BTech/ MSc in Life Sciences / Biotechnology/ Microbiology/ Bioinformatics with appropriate experience. For Marketing/ Sales/ Business Development positions, candidates with experience in marketing/ sales of genomics reagents/ services or solutions are welcome to apply.
Genotypicians are committed to making Genotypic, the next generation life sciences company.

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