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Ion Torrent Services at Genotypic

Experience the power of Ion Torrent @ Genotypic
Genotypic is India's First Certified Service Provider for Ion Torrent PGM
Ion Torrent uses semiconductor technology that is ideal for scalability, simplicity and speed
Complement and validate NGS data from any other platform quickly using Ion Torrent!
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  Ion Torrent PGM   Hybrid Assembly-Ion/Illumina reads Ionogram  
A chip for every size: 314 chip for 10Mb data, 316 chip for 100Mb and 318 chip for 1 Gb data
Ion Torrent technology
  • Technology uses semiconductor sensors to perform direct and real-time measurement
  • Simple, economical and scalable
  • Quick turnaround time 5 working days from sample to data
  • Base calling performed by detecting pH change during sequencing process
  • Long Read with High Accuracy (200 bp)
Recommended for
  • De novo and re-sequencing of Viruses and Microbes (whole Genome/Transcriptome)
  • Complementing and reconfirmation of NGS data
  • Strand specific sequencing for RNA
  • Hybrid Assembly - Longer read Ion torrent data in combination with short read Illumina data could complement and overcome platform limitations and help in resolving variations and provide better assembly
  • Amplicon sequencing: Custom and ready to use gene panels for SNP and mutation detection
  • 16s rRNA - Metagenome sequencing
Why @ Genotypic?
  • Complete genomics solution under one roof
  • Support from team of experts who have completed more than 500 NGS projects.
  • Provision for combining different platforms based on project needs
  • Optional validation through Microarray services.
Genotypic also offers sequencing services using Illumina, SOLiD, PacBio, Ion Torrent, Ion Proton, Roche, Hi-Seq platforms
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