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“I have been working at Genotypic from past 10 years. Genotypic is a well established company which takes pride in its reputation as a leading company in the field of Genomics. It is a great place for career growth with a wonderful working environment”.
Mr. Mohamed Aiyaz, Associate Principal Scientist, Microarray Data Analysis 
"Working at Genotypic has been an extremely exciting experience. It has provided me opportunities to tackle complex biological problems using cutting-edge genomics and bioinformatics platforms. The environment at Genotypic encourages people to think, interact, innovate and discover. Not surprisingly therefore, our R&D has been able to forge collaborations with scientists from diverse scientific disciplines. Besides, ever increasing demands for higher agricultural production and health care needs due to burgeoning population are bound to further enhance the usage of Genomics technologies globally. Genotypic has always strived to be at the forefront of this revolution. I am proud to be at Genotypic- the pioneers of this futuristic technology in India!"
Dr. Venkatesh Krishnamurthy, Research Director, R&D
"Genotypic Technology has been an excellent workplace to learn and grow. I feel proud to be part of a team that supports scientists all over the world in their research. Genotypic's work culture encourages innovation and positive attitude among employees. I am proud to be a 'Genotypician'."
Ms. Saroja M.K., Associate Principle Scientist, Microarray Lab
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Genotypic provides ready to use Microarray for gene expression profiling, ChIP-on-chip, aCGH, Methyl...
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