Integrated Data Analysis
Integrated Data Analysis
It includes analysis of massive and disparate data from various technologies- NexGenSeq and Microarray and as well as from different applications-WGS, Exome Sequencing, ChIP, miRNA, Transcriptome sequencing with quick TAT
Genotypic offers
  • Integrated data analysis of different applications
  • Integrated data analysis from various technologies (NGS+Microarray)
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Data From Diverse Platforms
  • NextSeq 500
  • MiSeq
  • Ion Proton
  • Ion Torrent PGM
  • 5500xl SOLiD
  • ABI 3130 Capillary
    DNA Sequencer
  • Roche 454
  • Helicos
  • PacBio
  • HiSeq
  • Oxford Nanopore
  • Micorarray
    • Agilent
    • Affymetrix
    • NimbleGen
    • Illumina
NGS Applications
  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Exome Sequencing
  • ChIP / Methylome Sequencing
  • miRNA / small RNA Sequencing
  • RefSeq
  • Transcriptome Sequencing
  • Specialized pipeline for Cancer research
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