Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis services

Genotypic provides wide range of comprehensive bioinformatics services for Next Generation Sequence data from Illumina NextSeq 500, Illumina MiSeq, GAIIx, Ion Torrent PGM, SOLiD 5500xl, Roche 454, Hi-Seq, Ion Proton and PacBio to aid researchers to interpret their data efficiently. Collective expertise in Microarray, Bioinformatics and Sequencing technologies positions us as ‘one-stop shop Genomic solutions provider’.

At Genotypic, we offer

  • Initial project consultation for analysis strategy and IT infrastructure requirements
  • Sequence Assembly & Analysis
  • Reference Sequence Alignment & Analysis
  • ChIP / Methylome Sequence Analysis
  • Small RNA / miRNA Sequence Assembly & Analysis
  • Genotyping Studies & Analysis
  • Genome / Transcriptome Annotation
  • Post screening and validation using custom arrays


Raw Data Shipment Procedure:


The raw data can be shipped in hard disk or it can be uploaded to our secure FTP server.

Optional: Personal visit to Genotypic. Please write to us at with your Project Confirmation ID to get a secure FTP connection for data transfer.

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