Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis services / Advanced Custom Analysis

Genotypic offers Advanced custom analysis as per customer requirement. Provide sequence data from any NGS platforms ( Illumina, Ion Torrent, Ion Proton, SOLiD, Roche 454, Hi-Seq and PacBio) and get high quality results. The service includes

  •   Differential Gene expression study from Transcriptome analysis
  •   Genomic element identification
  •   Mutation rate discovery
  •   Advanced custom annotation of pathway and gene ontology
  •   Gene predictions using statistical models
  •   Advanced analysis for identification of alternate splicing event
  •   Advanced analysis for identification of novel SNPs/ InDels and its coding effect
  •   Advanced analysis for SNP mapping with other database
  •   Advanced comparative studies
  •   Initial project consultation for experimental designing
  •   Advanced analysis for non-standard applications as per client requirements.

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Hybrid Assembly Services

Genotypic also offers Hybrid Assembly Analysis Service, which allows clients to validate their NGS data from different platforms (Roche 454, PacBio, Illumina, SOLiD, Ion Torrent, Ion Proton) to close gaps

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