Molecular Biology Services / qPCR services

Quantitative PCR or real-time PCR (SYBR or TaqMan based) is a reaction in which the accumulation of the amplicon product can be monitored in real-time as the polymerase chain reaction proceeds, usually as a fluorescence intensity. Compared to end-point PCR approaches, qPCR provides superior sensitivity, dynamic range, and precision, while eliminating the need for post-PCR sample processing.


Genotypic provides qPCR services on two platforms:

  • Stratagene Mx3000P qPCR machine
  • Roche Light Cycler 480 qPCR machine


  1. Gene expression analysis for validation of Microarray and NGS data
  2. ChIP seq/ ChIP on Chip validations
  3. miRNA qPCR
  4. Splice variant analysis
  5. Diagnostic studies for infectious diseases
  6. SNP Genotyping/allelic discrimination


Other qPCR services from Genotypic include

  • Customized markers development for Any Plant Any Parent Any Hybrid

    Genotypic offers purity testing and genotyping marker development using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) in combination with Whole Genome Sequencing, Transcriptome Sequencing (functional markers), Reduced Representation Sequencing (SNP around the genome) OR Bulk Segregant Analysis.

  • PCR based array services using RT2 profiler arrays from SABiosciences, a QIAGEN company

    Genotypic can analyze specific panel of genes with respect to pathway of interest or disease focused genes along with appropriate positive and negative controls in a 96 well format. The major application is in clinical laboratories as it rapidly detects infectious agents. Genotypic also provides an option for customizing the 96 well plates to analyze genes of client interest. For more information on same, please write to us at

  • miRNA profiling by qPCR

    miRNA profiling services provided by Genotypic helps in detecting changes in miRNA expression in disease or in response to drug therapies which may serve as clinically relevant biomarkers.

  • Economical Marker Assisted Breeding and Purity Testing services in collaboration with DYN R&D, Israel

    With capacity to process 1000s of samples per day for 2 markers tested in a tube using PCR followed by automated melt curve analysis, we ensure your breeding programs get the best turn around time!

    1. Tomato:

      Purity Markers: Includes universal markers for identifying the purity of a hybrid/parental line. Options to use are: - 2, 4 or 8 markers (T1 to T8). Pathogen Resistance Markers: Pathogen resistance genotypic markers are available for major viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens. Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Nematode (Root Knot), Fusarium wilt, Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus, Verticillium Wilt, Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TY1 and TY3), Bacterial Speck, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Mould and Corky Root Rot. Morphological Markers: Markers are available for ‘self pruning’, ‘slow ripening’ and ‘green back’.

    2. Pepper:

      Purity Markers: Include universal markers for identifying the purity of a hybrid/parental line. Options to use are :- 2, 4 or 8 markers (P1 to P8). Pathogen Resistance Markers: Pathogen resistance markers are available for Mild Mottle Virus and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus.

    3. Melon:

      Pathogen Resistance Marker: Pathogen resistance marker is available for Melon Necrotic Spotted Virus.

    4. Cotton: 
      SNP markers available for - Seed lot testing, Parent / hybrid purity testing / Barcoding services.
    5. Onion:
      Male sterility makers available
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