Molecular Biology Services / Nucleic acid extraction services

Genotypic offers nucleic acid extractions service (for both DNA and RNA) depending upon the project and client requirements. Genotypic has experience of extracting RNA and DNA from 500 different organisms and more than 1500 tissue types (which include prokaryotes, viral samples, lower eukaryotes, plants and animal species) for both Microarray and NGS applications. Extraction of mitochondrial DNA, chloroplast DNA and serum nucleic acids can also be performed at Genotypic’s lab.

We ensure that Nucleic acids extracted from your samples at our labs meet the highest Quality control criteria including the appropriate concentration/yield and integrity and are compatible with all downstream processes.

Genotypic has fully equipped laboratory facilities with highly qualified personnel to perform nucleic acid extractions and PCR setup. Genotypic offers services from project consultation to publication quality results with a structured pipeline in place which involves sample preparation, strict QC, project execution and analysis.

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