Microarray Services

Genotypic Technology is the world’s first to be Agilent Technologies Certified Service Provider for Gene Expression, ChIP on chip and miRNA profiling. This certification ensures that every customer will receive results with the superior sensitivity, quality and reliability of Agilent microarray platform from Genotypic.


Microarray Services at Genotypic include

  • Gene expression profiling
  • ChIP on chip for epigenetic studies
  • Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization to detect chromosomal aberrations
  • Methylation profiling for epigenetic studies
  • miRNA profiling
  • Comparative Genomic Hybridization-Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (CGH+SNP) Microarrays
  • Array capture services
  • Transcriptome and genome sequence data validation using Microarrays
Need customized arrays???

We can design arrays specific to your needs. All arrays are designed using optimized Bioinformatics methods and Agilents’ eArray tool. Microarrays are printed using Agilent's SurePrint in-situ technology and contain highly sensitive probes

Available Array formats include:

All microarray services conform to certified standards by Agilent using recommended workflows including lab and analysis protocols. 

Genotypic Microarray Design catalog for all organisms for applications like gene expression, DNA Capture, ChIP on chip, aCGH, Methylation. Click to know more.

Key Features:

  • High quality probes to ensure greater sensitivity and specificity.
  • Design your own arrays for any genome / region of interest using our custom array designing services.
  • Optimized and validated probe design that delivers high signal to noise ratios that are essential for the success of Microarray experiments.
  • eArray based custom Microarray designing allows genomic region specific coverage and optimized probe design based on application.
  • Repeat regions are masked to significantly reduce noise from nonspecific signals
  • Available in various array formats to suit your needs and perform your experiments in the most economical manner
  • Our expertise in custom array designing  for any application, any organism, any array format coupled with comprehensive data analysis ensures your experiments are successful every time

Contact for your custom design needs.

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