Agilent Microarray Platform


Seamless Transition from Illumina Gene Expression Arrays to Agilent SurePrint Arrays

Illumina has discontinued gene expression bead arrays as of January 2017 users of bead array chips need not worry they can easily switch over to time-tested Agilent microarray with no compromise to the quality of data.

Our designs incorporate replicate probes to enable quality assessment. Additional custom probes of up to 2000 also be added for genes of interest. Arrays are available as 8 arrays of 60k probes on a slide.

The new arrays for Human, Mouse and Rat GXP contain probes equivalent to the discontinued Illumina arrays in addition to the probes from the discontinued arrays, the missing genes and long non-coding RNAs. Annotation is available in the same format as well as in updated formats. Options are available for only Raw data generation (send us tissue samples in RNAlater or RNA) or we supply arrays and reagents and you run the hybridizations at your favourite core facility.

Genotypic has complete solution from sample processing to publication

RNA Extraction & Quality Control arrow High Quality of Data arrow Biological interpretation arrow Publication

Summary Human 8*60k Rat 8*60k Mouse 8*60k
Total number of features available 61657 61657 61657
Total number of probes designed 60324 57076 46714
Number of ERCC probes(Agilent + Illumina) 206 96 NIL
Number of control probes 887 852 832
Number of probes from Illumina 7231 22542 25697
Number of probes added from Agilent 10000 31586 18185
Number of spots empty for customization from client 2000 2000 2000
Number of coding probes 39487 43092 32721
Number of non-coding probes 17744 11036  11161


  • Linear dynamic range >5logs- Biomarker Invention
  • Replicated probes for better QC
  • Single Colour and Dual Colour Flexible Experiment design
  • Bioinformatics - Standard, user-friendly tools and GeneSpring
  • Custom Design - Any format - Any pathway

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