Bio-IT @ Genotypic Technology aims:
  • To ameliorate existing methodologies and develop newer methods to organize, analyze and derive verifiable hypothesis from biological data.
  • To develop novel technologies to address diverse biological problems
  • To discover and define hidden / unexplored biologically significant events and providing better solutions
Thrust Areas :
  • Supporting research scientists for their Bioinformatics and IT requirement.
  • Continues Research & Development in focused areas
  • Building gene annotation database for different organisms
  • High throughput genomics data interpretation tools
  • Biomedical literature mining techniques & tools
  • New generation sequence data analysis
  • Biointerpreter - Biointerpreter is a user-friendly web-based Biological interpretation tool for microarray data. It significantly reduces the biological analysis time from weeks to hours.
  • MedRuner - dynamically designed interactive tool that identifies, analyze and report the biologically significant and well focused information from the pubmed abstracts
  • Drug repurposing through biomedical literature mining
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