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NextSeq500 Sequencing Services

NextSeq500 services available to you for the first time in India from Genotypic
Is your sequencing platform slowing your research down. Switch to the latest NextSeq500.

A fast, flexible high-throughput desktop sequencer enabling a wide range of applications like Whole Genome Sequencing, RNA Sequencing, Exome Sequencing and targeted Sequencing

NextSeq500 Applications
Sequencing Chemistry Number of Reads Peak Data Output Run Time Suitable Applications
2 × 150 bp 400 M paired 100 - 120 Gb 29 hr • Eukaryotic Whole Genome de novo
• RNA-seq de novo
• Whole Genome metagenome
• Whole exome sequencing
2 × 75 bp 400 M paired 50 - 60 Gb 18 hr • Eukaryotic Whole Genome sequencing (refseq)
• RNA-seq (refseq)
• ChIP-seq (histone modifications)
1 × 75 bp 400 M 25 - 30 Gb 11 hr • Small RNA Profiling
• ChIP-seq
First customer-generated data from NextSeq 500 in the world has been uploaded to NCBI by Genotypic Technology. In this case, Genotypic Technology’s NGS lab re-sequenced the PhiX 174 bacteriophage genome (134M reads of 150 base paired end reads) and compared it to data from HiSeq, GAIIx and MiSeq platforms, finding that NextSeq resulted in comparable alignment to the reference genome and *better assembly, with increased lengths*. The data was of high quality with no drop in Q score observed through the first 150 bases.
Click here to view the data in NCBI SRA.
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