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Attention NimbleGen Microarray Users

Attention NimbleGen Microarray Users!!!


NimbleGen Microarray Designs converted to Agilent (Ready to order) designs at Genotypic

FREE Service provided in collaboration with Agilent Technologies


Agilent to provide support services for Nimblegen users
Agilent CSP  

Have you been inconvenienced by Roche NimbleGen quitting array market?..... Genotypic has a solution... Make your move from NimbleGen to Agilent platform at Genotypic Technology

Choose Complementary Arrays and Services from Genotypic using high quality catalog and custom arrays designed at Genotypic

Genotypic provides complete custom array design solution for any application, any NimbleGen array to Agilent format

Ready to order catalog arrays for NimbleGen designs available as Agilent designs

For details write to us:, fill Enquiry form, SMS : +91 9900035744
Contact us: +91 80 40538306, Fax: +91 80 23516555, USA phone: +1-(215) 2534495


Image below represents available Agilent array formats
Genotypic designs to complement NimbleGen arrays Consultancy and support Microarray Applications offered by Genotypic Choose Genotypic’ s services for
  • Genotypic catalogue complement designs for gene expression of Eukaryotes (Mouse, Human, Drosophila, S. cerevisiae, S.pombe, Zebrafish, C.elegans, A.thaliana)*
  • Genotypic catalogue complement designs for CGH application for Eukaryotes (Mouse, Rat, Human, Drosophila, Dog, Chicken)*
  • Genotypic catalogue complement designs for ChIP on chip application for Eukaryotes (A.thaliana, Mouse, Human, C.elegans, Drosophila , S. cerevisiae )*

  • * NimbleGen Eukaryotic designs
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