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  • First and leading Genomics Company in India established in the year 1998
  • First in world to be certified by Agilent Technologies for all 3 major microarray applications – Gene Expression, ChIP on Chip and miRNA profiling 
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified for providing high quality Genomics and Bioinformatics services and solutions Since 2005 
  • Released well annotated microarrays for Guinea pig, Tobacco, Eucalyptus, Antirrhinum and many organisms 
  • Developed web based tool, ‘BioInterpreter’, which is capable of biological interpretation of microarray data 
  • Successfully executed projects on ‘drug repurposing’, ‘toxicogenomics’ 
  • Developed proprietary quality control tool, SeqQC for NGS sequence data analysis 
  • Developed proprietary Bio-IT tools, ‘MedRuner’ and ‘PubMine’ applications for efficient literature mining 
  • Installed and Commissioned Illumina GAIIx genome sequencing system in the year  2010 
  • SAP ByD enabled service provider. Awarded the ACE award by SAP in 2010 as the Best Run Business for having the foresight to leverage software as a service model to support rapid growth for customer excellence, the first in Life sciences worldwide
  • Installed and Commissioned  two more genome sequencers- Ion Torrent PGM and SOLiD 5500xl genome analyzer in the year 2011
  • India’s First and only Ion Torrent Certified Service Provider since 2011 
  • Installed and Commissioned Ion Proton PGM in 2012 
  • Agilent Certified Service Provider for SureSelect Target enrichment system in June 2012
  • Genotypic’s in house R&D papers published in BMC Genomics in Nov 2012 and PLOS One in Feb 2013
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Genotypic provides ready to use Microarray for gene expression profiling, ChIP-on-chip, aCGH, Methyl...
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